A downloadable ENENRA for Windows

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This is not representative of the final quality of the game! 

This playable build will constantly be updated and changed!

ENENRA developed by ZahidGames.

Current Build Version 1.4 Updated 01/11/2021
Previous Build Version 1.3 Updated 26/08/2021

Previous Build Version 1.2 Updated 19/08/2021

ENENRA is a third person, hack and slash game set in future Japan. Players can use time manipulation powers, multiple weapons and traverse the environment with the new teleport traversal system. Immerse yourself into a story of deception, vengeance and growth. 

Teaser for Build V.14 Coming November 1st 2021: 

There are currently 4 modes for you to try, Practice mode, Wave mode, Traversal Practice and the level prototype! 
Enemy Types: 

Ronin (Basic) 

  • The Katana welding enemy is basic enemy of this game. He can't dodge or teleport but does have his own combination of attacks!

Swift Ronin (Dodging) 

  • The hand to hand enemy can dodge all ground attacks including the dodge attacks. She can also uppercut and slam the enemy out of the air! 

Hanaya (Mini Boss) 

  • Hanaya is the boss for the build, she has a plethora of combination attacks and a parry attack leading to a finisher. Check out the Hanaya Boss trailer Below: 

Support me on: 

YouTube: Youtube Channel 

Instagram: @ZahidGames 

Twitter: @ENENRAGame 

Consider supporting me on Kofi: https://ko-fi.com/enenragame 

This game is currently in development and is subject to change. 



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how do i download this game

why the game downloads on RAR?

i cant run the game

Hi, What happens when you try to run the game? 

sorry i just didnt have winrar or other applications to open it

Game is so amazing, but I cannot get it to stop stuttering. :(

I've tried everything I can think of, I even changed the graphics settings in the .ini file to 1 and even set the resolution scale to 80% at 720p, and still, a ton of stuttering, like a lot.

I have a 1660 TI with an i7-9700, so I don't think my specs are the issue.

I know this is an early access game by what seems like one person, which is so incredible, but all the gameplay I've seen of this awesome game is so smooth, and I simply can't get it to stop stuttering. 

Any help is appreciated. Awesome game though, despite the issues.

I have added a options menu in the new build, I hope that will solve any issues! The new build will be available Nov 1st 2021

is there a way to connect a ps4 controller and use it in the game


I really wanna play this game but I don't have PayPal :(

Its free to try! Just click the download button and then there should be an option 'take me to download' 

thanks! but i cant figure out how to open the game

ok so windows thinks its a virus and idk what to do to make it think otherwise

now it says that it cant run and idk  why

I will make the next build an easy to download executable, sorry about this, I will notify you when its ready 

sounds good air

Hey i tried downloading it again and i had the same problem with it just telling me error

well more like it says it couldnt start

Could you please include an image so I can investigate into this please 

The game looks great, very stylish, yet I find the Shift button does not work sometimes, not sure why; and I never made the wall run, guess the game works better with the controller

Hey, Sorry about this, I removed the wall run for the upcoming traversal system!


The traversal system looks great from the video, can't wait to have a try! Are you looking for a publishing partner? I have sent a DM to you on Twitter, the name is Peter. Have a look


hope this game get´s known world wide gonna be awsome bro id say it can cost like 40$ euros with no problem at all after finished


This isn't even a genre I typically play and i'm BLOWN AWAY. I love the style, the feel, the focus on both movement and hack 'n' slash but that cinematic combat feel.  I've seen some of your twitter shots and I can't wait for that complete crazy level of movement and control. 

This is something really, really special. I can't wait for future test builds and I'm REALLY excited for a full release!!! Keep up the fantastic work,  you've got a gem on your hands!!


Is this game keyboard-only or is it compatible with DualShock 4?

I have added controller support so it will work! Although it needs some work to work correctly, however yes, it will work during game play. I will create a controller scheme menu ASAP


This game is very hopeful.  The gameplay is very dynamic, the atmosphere is great.  In short, insane demo!!


can't wait demo game

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Guess whats here! 

great, thank for reminding me