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ENENRA is a third person, hack and slash game set in future Japan. Use time manipulation powers such as teleportation, Stasis Swords and slow down time.

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Minimum Requirements (Lowest currently tested): 

  • Intel i5 9th Gen
  • 8GB ram
  • Nvidia GTX 1650 4GB
  • Windows 10
Updated 23 hours ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
AuthorZahid Ali Jeelani
GenreAction, Adventure
Made withUnreal Engine
Tags3D, Cyberpunk, Hack and Slash, melee, Neon, Ninja, Singleplayer, Third Person
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any), Playstation controller
LinksSteam, Twitter


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Great game, it runs pretty well on my laptop when everything is in low settings I bet I can bump a few things up and still get decent performance as well, here are my specs

11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-1185G7 @ 3.00GHz, 2995 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)
Intel® Iris® Xe graphics(128MB of dedicated VRAM)


this game is sooo goooooooood, the animation, mechanic is sooo fluid i love it


"I finally found what IIIIIII WAS LOOOOOKING FOR!"

I'm on a Zenbook with 8GIGs shared memory. Think I can run this?

There are graphics settings so give it a blast a low and hopefully it'll work


It's stylish


Rating 10/10 stars for this game. Wow! This is a very cool fighting game ever. I really like combat style in this game. I wonder how the story of this game will continue. Keep up the good work :D

Hi, i finished the first chapter tutorial and it just loops me back to the main menu ? Not too sure how ot get the chapters to continue and any help would be appreciated :)

Its just that level for the time being, other levels have been removed for various reasons

ahh okayy thats a shame 

thanks for the response, i really like the game , its definitely something i would play a lot haha 

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Hello ! I wanted to test your game out, now its done I would like to drop a few problems I run into :

In story mode, Teleport (with E) looks like its not working
And when I arrive to the "fight part" I got a bug where I dashed to the enemi before that (the one you need to block and counter attack) I hit him so much he arrives next to the wall of the next level, and when i dashed, I went to the previous room, and was stuck !

When you go in the key mapping, no key for going left ? =P just doesnt appear, even if I actually can go left ingame

In the wave Mode, Wave 5, one of the teleporting enemi got stuck in the wall, behind a car ! 

Oh and the music is a bit... special =P 

Thats all the bug I ran into
But this is so promising, its fun to play, easy to learn and hard to master, love it ! Keep up the good work 

Can't wait to see more of it

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how do i get the masks on other outfits other then stylish in 2.1.0

They have been removed temporarily


how do i download previous versions

They have been removed due to people ripping assets and code from my project sadly 

ah ok that makes sense


This game is sick and I can't wait to play more, but I won't be able to as long as there's controller rumble. Some people (like me) find vibration extremely uncomfortable, so please, for the final build if not before, include an option to turn vibration off.


Will add the option in the next update 🙌


Wonderful, thank you!

Love the combat even more! I can still combo infinitely but it's alpha and I can appreciate the added animation with the forward backward attacks. I was able to block out of Anyas grab which I think it's a big but other than that loving it even more

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This looks good from the screenshots, but what are the system requirements? Will it work on a 64bit windows7 with 4GB VRAM and 16GB RAM? I'm not downloading it until I know, wether it is supposed to be playable on my machine or not.

Also, why is there no GNU/Linux (Mint, Manjaro) version? Is this going to be an other windows-only-exclusive game, or it will stay windows-only just in the testing phase?


Minimum Requirements (Based on tested hardware): 

i5 9th gen, 2.5ghz base ang 4.0ghz max
8gb ram, GTX 1650, 4gb, Windows 10

I have no way to test on other platforms currently, this will eventually move to consoles and other platforms but will remain on windows for the testing phase. 


Thanks for letting me know :)

Putting this info to the game description probably would do good for you ;)


Unbelievable! Smooth controls and movement. Even at this stage of the build, it feels very satisfying!

Im glad you enjoyed it! 

This is an amazing brother! the graphics, effects and details are all so well done and it feels intense when playing the game! Keep up the awesome work!

Cant stop the game from sttutering and when i go into options to lower the graphics settings it doesnt change. plz help

The combat and movement are extremly cool, but the lock on system is just annoying. Either polish it or remove it.  I was playing through level two and could barely fight because there's no way to quickly swap between mobs. You have to cycle between every single one in the relative area. Worst of all it'll just randomly lock you on to enemies on the next floor up or that you cant even see. As a result, killing you because your trying to cycle through every enemy in the level to get back to the guy that's right in front of you. Its a great game, but as of right now the lock in system is completely ruining it.

Im downloading it rn, looking forward to try it out, but I was wondering if you have discord sever for this game?

I do not have a Discord Server just yet but will soon!


I receive this error message whenever I attempt to launch the game. Could someone please provide a possible answer as to why this is happening? I have not modified or touched any of the files since download, and launch via the Win-64 application. Thanks!

Try updating your direct x, that may be why its crashing 


omg you use google drive for the downloade <3


Dude this game is amazing! I'm looking forward to the full release!

Thank you!!!!


Hey! Loving the combat system, but I noticed a weird thing with the Hanaya fight. She always breaks out of your combo if you perform 3 hits in the air, so a way to cheese her is to hit her twice, wait for her to land, then teleport her back to you to repeat another two hits. Idk maybe some balancing still in the works?

Massive reworking coming for her soon!




Thank you so much! So much has changed since this build, I cannot wait to show you! 


Of course!  You deserved the praise. Also don't worry about me being impatient,please take your time with making the game, cause I'm a pretty patient guy. :)


Hey! Good to see this here, I recognize it from Youtube! Can’t wait to try it out. I mainly use gamepad so I’m hoping it runs well with it. 


The game looks so cool, really want you to finish it. Loved that anime style fast-paced animation and camera work. Awesome finishers, fast travel through the level is amazing!

Sadly couldn't play with my dualshock 4, and LMB/RMB doesn't work in practice for some reason, but it didn't affect overall impression, the game looks and plays awesome!

Following your game in instagram for a long time and somehow only now I found out that there is a playable version of it!


OH! I have not tested with a Dualshock 4 but will now definitely test and get it to work! Thank you I am glad you liked it! 


I'm currently playing the 1.4 Build and I absolutely love this so far! I played this on my twitch stream earlier today and had a wonderful time with it. I have a lot of positives to say and they are:

- The combat, movement and overall flow feels astoundingly good! I love how responsive everything feels, how snappy and quick everything is, it's great.

- The music that is present in the game so far is very fitting for the setting and gameplay.

- The speed of the game is at a very comfortable level for me and it was very easy to adjust to.

- The weight of the animations actually feels like my actions have a pay off for me. Nothing feels wasted.

A few critiques I have are that :

- The execution animation needs to be placed on a different button or be a prompt that shows up on screen.

- The forward air combo should push the player character towards the enemy because when using it, the character doesn't move with the enemy, therefore hits do not connect and the combo is dropped.

- When using the teleport movement action in the level prototype, the player character would occasionally move backwards to the previous point during movement. 

- The ground launcher does far too much damage.

- The backwards air combo is great but does way too much damage and the last hit shouldn't outright kill the enemy. It should instead put the enemy into a stun state.

- When the player character is hit multiple times in succession, they suffer from a very high amount of hitstun and when surrounded, that can lead to being stunlocked.

- When progressing through the Level Prototype, certain areas flat out crashed the game for me, progressing past Wave 4 would cause a crash for me and I was only able to spawn the basic enemy type in the practice mode.

I know that this is a very long comment but I have to get all my thought out because I really like this game and I want to see it succeed! If I hadn't seen it on tiktok, I would have no idea that something this good exists! Looking forward to the next public build!


Hey thank you for playing! There's definitely balancing issue and certian glitches which I will definitely resolve! I genuinely am grateful for such an extensive and detailed review, the next build will definitely be better! I do apologise for the issue that appeared! I am a solo Dev but no excuses I will be looking for fix these issues with the next build update as well as a whole heap of new content!  


I'll be looking forward to it! I had a lot of fun covering that on my twitch channel and can't wait to do it again!

Have a try with the new update and bug fixes when you get the chance! 

how do i download this game

why the game downloads on RAR?

i cant run the game

Hi, What happens when you try to run the game? 

sorry i just didnt have winrar or other applications to open it

Game is so amazing, but I cannot get it to stop stuttering. :(

I've tried everything I can think of, I even changed the graphics settings in the .ini file to 1 and even set the resolution scale to 80% at 720p, and still, a ton of stuttering, like a lot.

I have a 1660 TI with an i7-9700, so I don't think my specs are the issue.

I know this is an early access game by what seems like one person, which is so incredible, but all the gameplay I've seen of this awesome game is so smooth, and I simply can't get it to stop stuttering. 

Any help is appreciated. Awesome game though, despite the issues.

I have added a options menu in the new build, I hope that will solve any issues! The new build will be available Nov 1st 2021

is there a way to connect a ps4 controller and use it in the game


I really wanna play this game but I don't have PayPal :(

Its free to try! Just click the download button and then there should be an option 'take me to download' 

thanks! but i cant figure out how to open the game

ok so windows thinks its a virus and idk what to do to make it think otherwise

now it says that it cant run and idk  why

I will make the next build an easy to download executable, sorry about this, I will notify you when its ready 

sounds good air

Hey i tried downloading it again and i had the same problem with it just telling me error

well more like it says it couldnt start

Could you please include an image so I can investigate into this please 

The game looks great, very stylish, yet I find the Shift button does not work sometimes, not sure why; and I never made the wall run, guess the game works better with the controller

Hey, Sorry about this, I removed the wall run for the upcoming traversal system!


The traversal system looks great from the video, can't wait to have a try! Are you looking for a publishing partner? I have sent a DM to you on Twitter, the name is Peter. Have a look


hope this game get´s known world wide gonna be awsome bro id say it can cost like 40$ euros with no problem at all after finished


This isn't even a genre I typically play and i'm BLOWN AWAY. I love the style, the feel, the focus on both movement and hack 'n' slash but that cinematic combat feel.  I've seen some of your twitter shots and I can't wait for that complete crazy level of movement and control. 

This is something really, really special. I can't wait for future test builds and I'm REALLY excited for a full release!!! Keep up the fantastic work,  you've got a gem on your hands!!


Is this game keyboard-only or is it compatible with DualShock 4?

I have added controller support so it will work! Although it needs some work to work correctly, however yes, it will work during game play. I will create a controller scheme menu ASAP


This game is very hopeful.  The gameplay is very dynamic, the atmosphere is great.  In short, insane demo!!


can't wait demo game

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Guess whats here! 

great, thank for reminding me